BFOBasic Formal Ontology

Basic Formal Ontology (BFO) 2020

Created by Buffalo Developers Group on November 9, 2020

This describes the repository of BFO 2020 supporting artifacts as specified in ISO/IEC 21838-2:2021.

  • A list of BFO 2020 terms and associated metadata ordered by the section number of the ISO 21838-2020 document BFO 2020 Term List
  • A list of the internationalized resource identifiers (IRIs) of BFO 2020 terms matched to their natural language labels BFO 2020 IRIs
  • A list of BFO 2020 relations, their inverses and, when applicable, their temporalized versions BFO 2020 Relations

The formalization of BFO 2020 is sub-divided into modules of axioms.

Serializations of these axioms by module are provided in three formats: Common Logic, First-order Logic and Prover 9

In addition files for BFO 2020 in OWL are available in both Functional-style bfo-2020.ofn and RDF/XML bfo-2020.owl. An RDF/XML format of BFO 2020 without the temporalized object properties which (corresponding to ISO/IEC:21838-2 A.1.2) is available here bfo-2020-without-some-all-times.owl . A Functional-style version of BFO 2020 in which the IRIs are replaced with the corresponding labels to make it more readable is available here bfo-2020-labeled.ofn .

The model used to prove the consistency of the Common Logic formalization of BFO 2020 is provided in